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Class: MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)


Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

When it’s time to truly test yourself, we are proud to offer the world’s first and only mixed martial arts group exercise class. Combining Standing, Kickboxing, Clinch, Shoot Boxing, Shoot Wrestling, and Vale Tudo drills specifically designed for fighting. This class represents the culmination of everything we’ve learned and is the most complete and demanding class we’ve ever seen. Learn new skills and experience what if feels like to enter into the ultimate fighting challenge.



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  1. Elgin ball says:

    So I’ve been doing MMA for about 2 months with a personal trainer ( I am 15 years old ) I am very ambitious due to my dream of making it to the pros so I was wondering if this is a great place to train and practice to better my game and was also wanting to know the cost and other requirements

  2. cswdante says:

    Hi Elgin!

    We’d love to have you here at CSW World Headquarters!! We currently have a 2 Week free trial that we offer you should try. If you’re interested, email me at cswfullerton@gmail.com

    CSW Staff

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